I’m a big fan of things that are desserts that I can pretend aren’t desserts. Things that fall into this list are cereal bars, frozen bananas, and now custard. It’s practically scrambled eggs, right?Spoon in CustardI’d never seen this recipe grace the table at home, at Grandma’s, or really any of the tables in my family. Given it’s absence, I’m assuming it’s a secret recipe that everyone has forgotten about…even though the copy I have is hand-written by my grandma, only a few years old, and a photocopy of something that is in my mom’s recipe book. Clearly they’ve all just forgotten and weren’t trying to keep me from recipes that they don’t like. Continue reading


Homemade Noodles and Porcupines

Everyone in my family has their own birthday meal. And for as long as I remember, come my mom’s birthday, spaghetti and noodles are on the table. She could eat only pasta for the rest of her life and never complain. My love for the dish isn’t quite that deep, but I can appreciate a delicious noodle, smothered in tomato sauce.Noodles & PorcupinesThis, admittedly, is not my mom’s birthday meal. It’s a little more involved than she gets with her dinner. But I had time to waste and was craving some pasta. And, surprise surprise, my brothers actually liked it. We’ll have to remember that for future meals. Continue reading

Carrot Cake

Welcome to fall, everyone. Summer was hot and sunny, full of lazy days. And full of days where the weather was too hot for an oven. But now that things are starting to cool down, it’s time to get baking.Carrot CakeI was always under the impression that I was the only person in my family who likes carrot cake. Unbeknownst to me, my dad and grandma were in the same boat. Finally we figured out where all of this confusion sprang from: my mother. She absolutely hates carrot cake, for reasons that I still am unsure of. Because of this, the cake was never in the house, and its fans were left to eat carrot cake secretly. Luckily, we discovered each other a few weeks back, and I instantly made plans to bake carrot cake with my grandma. This recipe was her brother’s favorite.
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Cut-Out Cookies

This morning, I woke up feeling a little homesick. Articles need to be edited, laundry needs to be washed, and run needs to be run. Instead I was drinking tea and flipping through my grandma’s handwritten recipes. I was on the last page when I found the perfect Sunday-morning recipe. Cut-out cookies. Trust me, it is the breakfast of champions. And the lunch of champions. And probably the dinner too, but I’ll let you know.DSC00156My younger brother loves these cookies. He asks for them every few weeks and my mother (most of the time) begrudgingly humors him. They take a little more time than regular cookies since they need to be rolled out. And you have to keep a careful eye on the baking time. Things can go from buttery and soft to burnt and crispy in a matter of 30 seconds. Continue reading

Apple Pie Crumble

Yes, I know the time for apple pie has come and gone. The crunchy snow seems to discourage the fruit from growing. Either way, the other day I rustled up the ingredients for the fall dessert and set the oven to bake. I wasn’t actually the one craving this treat. Far from it. Cookies are all I need to make it through the winter. However, my dad does not feel the same.IMG_7994I don’t know how it started-I probably asked a favor or borrowed some money and needed a way to pay back my dad-but about a year ago I became the designated pie-maker in the family. And since my parents occasionally do me favors, I am constantly in their debt. For this reason, my dad reserves the right to look at me from across the room and just say “pie.” Meaning that I should go make pie. It really doesn’t matter what type; I’m sure cherry or pecan would be just as good as apple. We just happened to have apples. Continue reading