Cinnamon Rolls

Summer is the time when old friends begin to find each other again. We drive over in our old cars with high school bumper stickers and meet on the front porch, swatting at mosquitoes and snacking. Except if it’s at my house, it isn’t exactly snacking. It is a much more involved affair. And there has always been an old standby, whether we were meeting at our house for an elementary school project or a college teammate and I had finished our run at my place: Cinnamon rolls. Icing on top, obviously.



This recipe uses the sweet dough recipe that I’ve used before, but it makes something much more decadent than your standard turtle bread. Maybe not as cute but definitely just as appreciated. When these things come out of the oven, icing is added and suddenly the pan is empty. Scientists have yet to discover what causes this immediate disappearance, but I’m fairly sure it has something do to with the smell wafting through the house. Or maybe it’s my mom’s notion that these rolls are best the day they are made. Obviously they all need to be eaten right away, or you might miss some of the magic. Continue reading



I was once asked what one thing I could not go a week without. Most people would answer “a shower,” or “the Internet,” but I decided to be a little more honest. In my heart of hearts, I know that I could never to a week without carbs. My parents once tried the Atkins diet… I would make it one hour. And the tragic irony is that I cannot bake. I just cannot handle the yeast and the raising and the temperature and the patience. Thank goodness for my fiancé. He tries not to buy bread and instead bakes it himself. Without a bread machine. What is this sorcery?1_bagel
My fiancé and I make this recipe together whenever we can and play with the additional ingredients. (TRANSLATION: I gave this recipe to my fiancé and he makes them while I suggest delicious flavors.) This cheese came from the magazine where I work, and it made these bagels as good as they’ve ever been. I would like to say, though, that a nice black-pepper or rosemary-parmesan bagel is often just as amazing. Continue reading

Sweet Dough aka Turtle Bread

Happy New Year everyone. I realize it has been a while since the last update; I was aimlessly wandering through my days, when suddenly finals and the holidays attacked. They have very silent footsteps, so I never heard them coming.

Now that I’m home with my family, I am constantly overwhelmed by how much food we keep in the house. A gallon of milk hardly lasts us a day, and if we can keep a batch of cookies in the house for more than a day, it is considered a miracle.IMG_7713When we were all younger, we came across a recipe that suggested that the dough be formed into a turtle. Rather than employing a brand new way to make bread, my mother re-purposed her classic dough recipe. We use it for buns, loaves of bread, and cinnamon rolls. This is just one more application of an easy standby, one that can find its way into any meal. Continue reading