There are certain times that I like to have the kitchen to myself, such as when I’m trying to go quickly, or if I’m grilling something. However, there are other times when I yell through the house for a sous chef or two. Today was one of those days.

The kitchen was dirty from days of entertaining family, and the refrigerator was empty after all of the leftovers were reheated, packed for drives home, or wrapped inside a brown paper bag and ready for lunch. And now the family was gone. We were left with cold rainy weather and nothing to do. I reasoned it was as good a time as any for some comfort food.
I know that I’m cheating. I said these would be strictly family recipes. And it half is. But I have to admit, I tinkered a little. But in my defense, I was throwing this together. Also in my defense, I believe that chicken broth can make anything just a little better. Continue reading