Baked Chicken Breasts

There is a book that we used to read as children, The Seven Silly Eaters, that hit quite close to home. Each of my younger brothers had a very specific diet: one ate only quesadillas, another chose Oreos, while the youngest wanted cereal without milk.

Luckily, fried chicken was something all three of them could agree on. Unluckily, I hate frying things. I would like to claim that I am just incredibly health conscious. This is a lie. The spitting oil has never been something I can deal with. And I have started more than my fair share of grease fires. Baked, breaded chicken is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

This recipe comes from my aunt, who has three sons of her own. It is simple and delicious, and I am proud to say that each of my brothers ate the chicken with gusto. Continue reading


Pizza Roll

For no reason in particular, I never enjoyed pizza; at least, I never liked the pizza we had delivered. It might be something about the freshness of the veggies, the potential sogginess of crust, or maybe the excess of sugar in the sauce.

However, once I figured out the magic of homemade crust, the church of pizza had a new convert. Grilled, baked, folded over, maybe with apples and cinnamon… I’m hooked.¬†A few months back, my mother made something that my aunt has entitled¬†pizza loaf. I cannot get over this name. It makes me think of a pizza-meatloaf. What a terrible combination. Luckily, it tasted nothing like this.

No matter how many times we have made this, the name has remained pizza loaf, despite my protestations. I will present it to you as a pizza roll, because it is literally a square pizza that has been rolled, but keep in mind, no one in my family will know what you are saying. Continue reading