Sweet Dough aka Turtle Bread

Happy New Year everyone. I realize it has been a while since the last update; I was aimlessly wandering through my days, when suddenly finals and the holidays attacked. They have very silent footsteps, so I never heard them coming.

Now that I’m home with my family, I am constantly overwhelmed by how much food we keep in the house. A gallon of milk hardly lasts us a day, and if we can keep a batch of cookies in the house for more than a day, it is considered a miracle.IMG_7713When we were all younger, we came across a recipe that suggested that the dough be formed into a turtle. Rather than employing a brand new way to make bread, my mother re-purposed her classic dough recipe. We use it for buns, loaves of bread, and cinnamon rolls. This is just one more application of an easy standby, one that can find its way into any meal. Continue reading