Brownies III

My friend and I keep a running tally of desserts at my house. This number includes only baked goods. If we counted the multitude of half-empty ice cream pints of the constantly replenished candy bowl, the numbers would reach absurd levels. Our normal count hovers around two. But then Thanksgiving happened. I m not exaggerating when I say that we started the day with four pies, a batch of cookies, some puppy chow, and a Texas sheet cake, for a grand total of seven desserts. But I wasn’t done yet. The end of the celebration had a fresh batch of brownies. Obviously, no one was upset.

This is the third and final brownie recipe in my arsenal. I promise it was worth the wait. It i nothing like the first two and is actually much easier to make. But it isn’t pretty. The batter doesn’t spread very well, so the top is never flat. To try and fix this, I decided to layer things differently. No dice. having the caramel and chips on the top made the rows hard to cut. So bite the bullet and deal with a funny looking but delicious dessert. Or cover it with frosting. Continue reading


Brownies II

As a current student, I can tell you that right around now is when things start to snowball. The free time that was so shamelessly wasted at the beginning of the semester has floated away, leaving trails of books and first-drafts of papers. People deal with this stress differently. I know that my dad lost 10 pounds his first semester in medical school, because he wouldn’t find the time to eat. I do not share this problem. Food becomes a rare comfort in weeks like this, and, as my previous roommates can attest to, the dessert to person ratio during this time period explodes.Allow me to introduce you to the best fix for a 1:00 AM chocolate craving. These brownies, opposed to the previous recipe, are rich. Really rich. You end up eating them in tiny pieces. However, you also end up eating about 20 of little pieces before dessert-time has ended. Continue reading

Brownies I

For me, as well as many others I’m sure, cooking is often a very nostalgic activity. There are cookies that remind me of Christmas as a kid, mashed potatoes that we always ate for Thanksgiving, and spaghetti sauce we eat every year to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Things get a little more complicated when you take a look at brownies. My family keeps a record of three different brownie recipes. Each of them comes from a different place, and each one holds different memories. Plus, none of them taste the same, so it’s actually very practical to keep all three around.This first recipe is from my grandmother. I believe that this is the best batter out of the three. The finished product however, is more cake-like in many ways. It’s not overly moist and has a tendency to dry out. This is easily fixed in two ways. First, keep it covered with plastic wrap after you’ve made the first cut. Second, and most importantly, top with frosting. This frosting is delicious. Word of warning, however. The frosting sets quickly so sneak and finger swipe early or your evidence will be there for everyone to see. Continue reading