There is a ritual in my house that happened quite on accident and requires someone—me—to initiate it. Like clockwork, every other week I’ll go to the frige and realize that it needs some cleaning out. That rice from four days ago? The left over taco from lunch at your favorite restaurant? The six half-empty jars of dill pickle spears? Does anyone else in the house notice these things? So I yell for some help and inevitably end up clearing out a good portion of the shelves. Ready to be filled with ever more leftovers. Which I find ironic because most things in our house don’t get eaten once they enter the leftover phase. Things like sandwiches, spaghetti sauce, and anything grilled will sit, dejected, on the top shelf. However, there are exceptions to the rule and this is one of them.

Whenever we make maidrites, there is more than enough to go around. Normally a good third ends up in glass containers, waiting to be reheated. But the miraculous thing is, it actually gets eaten! This is one of those rare dishes that we can get the brothers to eat, which is actually too bad because I would be fine not sharing.

This recipe is as easy to make as it is difficult to eat. I suggest a spoon to clean the plate of filling that will unavoidably fall out the back of the sandwich.

There are probably a thousand different ways to make this recipe, and everyone thinks their family’s version is the best incarnation of the sandwich. (In fact my uncle once claimed to have definitively found one, but never produced a recipe and claims he doesn’t remember bragging about it. Very suspicious.) And I’m going to have to follow the stereotype and proclaim that this is unquestionably the best loose-meat sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

1 lb 85% lean hamburger meat
1 lb 93% lean hamburger meat
1 onion, diced
¾ cup boiling water
3 beef bullion cubes
2 Tbsp mustard

Brown meat with onion over medium heat. When ready, drain the fat from the pan.
Meanwhile, whisk water, bullion cubes, and mustard together. When fully combined, pour over meat and mix together.
Use a fresh bun to create a sandwich and enjoy.


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