Mandarin Sherbet Jello

Summer is the time for running through sprinklers, walking through dewy grass in your bare feet, staying up late and sleeping in. It is not, therefore, the time to lay in bed all day. And yet, every summer, I know at least one person who is getting their wisdom teeth removed. Luckily, it isn’t me this time.

As of about 10 minutes ago, my fiancé has a little more room in his mouth. That it, until everything swells up to double the normal size.

The food restrictions for post-tooth removal are relatively straight forward. No straws, nothing that could get stuck, nothing pokey. His menu for the next few days will be something like smoothies, cold soups, and Jello. So this next recipe fulfills the gelatin category for at least one day.

My grandmother makes this recipe for most Thanksgivings. Growing up in the Midwest, I was exposed to a wide variety of Jello salads. Marshmallows and cottage cheese abound. Thankfully, Grandma’s recipe tastes nothing like that. In fact, the term “salad” has no place in this recipe. It is a dessert, and there’s no point in pretending otherwise.

Mandarin Sherbet Jello
I must be honest, I find this tastes best without the orange slices. I do like oranges, but the mixture of the textures throws me off. (Actually the original has two sliced bananas as well as oranges. But as my grandmother told me, “You won’t want those. Nobody wants those.”) To make my version of this recipe, follow everything as normal, just skip the step that urges you to add the fruit. One final thought, try to move quickly while making this recipe. The hotter the Jello mixture is when you add in the sherbet, the faster everything will blend.

1 cup water, boiling
3 oz orange Jello
1 pt orange sherbet, still frozen
15 oz mandarin oranges, drained

Once water reaches boiling point, quickly mix in Jello. While the mixture is still hot, stir in sherbet. Stir with a spoon, breaking the chunks of sherbet up as you go.
Keep stirring until everything is smooth. Pour in the drained oranges, and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.


2 thoughts on “Mandarin Sherbet Jello

  1. hehe this made me laugh: “As of about 10 minutes ago, my fiancé has a little more room in his mouth”

    I remember having braces and having them tightened – it was always hard to eat anything for a week. Best of luck to your fiancé for eating in the next week!

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