Texas Sheet Cake

This past week, my entire extended family has been vacationing in our favorite island along the coast. The beach is a beautiful stretch of land, occupied primarily by locals and families, and the waves are just enough to get a short ride on a boogie board. The best spot to park your chair is in the middle of the countless tide pools, letting the waves cool your ankles as you watch the clouds float. We’ve been making this trip for the past ten years or so, long enough to recognize a pretty distinct pattern:
-Spend the first few days lazing on the sand, pleased with yourself for the weeks before where you ate healthfully.
-Make ambitious plans for everything we want to do.
-Someone gets a sunburn and hides under the umbrella.
-Ice cream.
-The shade under the umbrella starts getting crowded.
-Resignation that any healthy habits you had before vacation have been ruined.
-The last few dinners are eclectic affairs made from left over pasta, the pancake mix you haven’t used yet, and many desserts.
During the course of the week, every family hosts a meal, in an effort to reduce left overs and increase family time. This year, we had no idea what to do for dessert. It had to be something simple but delicious. Chocolate is recommended. Suddenly, while wandering around the grocery store, my mom figured it out.
The cake that we made has been a family standby for years. We were heckling my cousin’s fiancĂ©e when she couldn’t finish her admittedly giant piece and started asking everyone to estimate how many of these cakes they’ve eaten in their entire life. My own figuring went something like this: we make the cake somewhere around five times a year, and each time I eat about a row, which eqauls four pieces. That’s roughly 20 pieces a year. I’m 22, so I’d guess that In my life, I’ve consumed 20-25 of these cakes.
I’m betting that number is on the low end for my family. Continue reading