Cucumber Sandwiches

School is out for the year, the pool has finally opened, the sun is in the sky until bedtime, and everyone hates when I turn on the oven. Unfortunately, summer is the time when I have more time than ever to cook. So today, in an effort to assuage the swelter in my kitchen, I’ve moved my cooking operations to the table, away from any tempting source of heat.The key to these sandwiches, like most other sandwiches, is the bread. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold all the toppings but soft enough to compliment the smooth texture of the other ingredients. Honestly, I hate making bread. It’s far too precise for my liking. But, lucky for me, my fiancé found all of the patience that I lost. He makes bread constantly and managed to spare me a loaf. You need something dense and moist, with small grains. Bigger grains means more crumbs and weird texture.These sandwiches recall English gardens and lazy afternoon teas. The secret is that they take only minutes to assemble, allowing you to look incredibly sophisticated and put-together. Because you are.Cucumber Sandwiches

When preparing the topping for these, trust your own taste buds more than these amounts. If you really like dill, add a lot. If you find dill overwhelming, lay off a little and add more chives to make it look pretty. Same goes with the cucumbers. I like them to be a bit thicker and top each piece of bread with a single slice, but my mom uses the mandolin to cut paper thin slices and layer them. Do what you want, this is the kind of recipe that can easily be played with.

12 slices of good sandwich bread
1 fresh cucumber
½ tsp garlic salt
½ Tbsp dill weed
1 tsp chopped chives
8 oz Neufchâtel

Cut the crust off of the bread slices and cut each piece in half
Slice cucumber to desired width. I use about ½-inch cuts.
Mix together garlic salt, dill weed, chives, and Neufchâtel. Spread a thick layer over each piece of bread.
Top each piece of bread with cucumbers and enjoy with some iced tea.


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